Dr.Max is the leading pharmacy chain in Central Europe. In every country where we are active, Dr.Max is dedicated to improving the level of health care available by guaranteeing access to a broad assortment of medicines and pharmacy services.







More than 12,000 employees in eight European countries

Our international growth gives us the strength to work efficiently and bring value to our clients, employees and investors. We also take the specific needs of different markets into account and always value the experience of professionals in all countries and industries.

Dr.Max BDC, s. r. o.

Na Florenci 2116/15
110 00 Prague 1

We improve the quality of accessible and affordable care by expanding our assortment of pharmaceutical products and services

To support our vision of becoming a pharmaceutical leader even beyond Central Europe, we do not base our development only on selling pharmaceuticals. With our wide portfolio of private brands, we can offer our clients high-quality products, including affordable medicines. Our distribution centers and first-rate laboratories mean we can provide other services at a very high level as well.

  • Large portfolio of private brands

    We offer clients high value at an affordable price. Our top products are supplied by Dr.Max Pharma, which is one of the leaders in its field in Central Europe. It supplies more than 700 different types of products to our pharmacies.

  • Central laboratories

    We built two top-class central laboratories of Dr.Max in the Czech Republic, which enable us to handle an increasing number of orders. Approximately two thirds of our laboratories’ production is supplied to Dr.Max pharmacies, the rest is distributed to independent pharmacies, eye clinics, veterinary clinics and hospitals.

  • Our own distribution

    In the Czech Republic, the distribution is provided by the company ViaPharma, which has three distribution centers. In addition to Dr.Max’s pharmacies, it also attends hospitals, reproduction clinics, hospices and retirement homes.

Pharmacies of first choice for clients and employees

We invest in education and continued professional development for our people. We take care of our clients’ health with empathy and professionalism.

Key principles

  • We adhere to the highest ethical standards since we are responsible for our clients’ health
  • We listen to our patients’ needs to help solve their problems
  • We help with treatment as well as placing emphasis on prevention
  • We are close to people (and thus accessible), so we are the first aid pharmacies
  • We offer our clients benefit programs that have won major international awards


Employee Support

We care for thousands of clients every day who rely on our expertise and professionalism and who also want an empathetic approach. This means our employees need to be highly trained and motivated specialists.

  • Development
  • Remuneration
  • Professional opportunities

Group management

  • Leonardo Ferrandino

    CEO of Dr.Max Group

  • Thomas Bornemann

    CFO of Dr.Max Group

  • Daniel Shull

    Head of Procurement of Dr.Max Group

  • Ivo Senkyrik

    Head of M&A of Dr.Max Group

  • Lukas Prihoda

    CIO of Dr.Max Group

  • Martin Dvorak

    HR Director of Dr.Max Group

  • Marie Hinnerova

    CEO Dr.Max Pharma Private Label Unit

Instant development from 2004

  • 2004

    Entering Czech market through acquisition of 50% share in the company Česká lékárna.

  • 2005

    Establishment of the brand Dr.Max

    Entering Slovak and Polish market

  • 2008

    Dr.Max opens its 100th pharmacy

  • 2011

    Establishment of the company Dr.Max Pharma

  • 2012

    Expansion of our private brand

    Record-breaking acquisition of Lloyds pharmacies in the Czech Republic

  • 2014

    Building of the first central laboratory

    Development of online sales

    Acquisition of Czech chains Harmonia and Novolékárna

  • 2017

    Opening the second central laboratory

    Entering Romanian, Serbian and Italian market


Dr.Max BDC, s. r. o.

Na Florenci 2116/15
110 00 Prague 1

The Dr.Max Group is owned by the Central European investment group Penta, established in 1994. Penta’s business areas include health care, financial services, manufacturing, retail businesses and real estate development. Penta manages a single fund for its partners, the shareholders in the company. The companies in Penta’s portfolio employee more than 41,000 people, and the Group’s asset value reached € 9 billion in 2017. Penta operates in more than 10 European countries and has offices in Prague, Bratislava, Warsaw and Munich.

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