Dr. Max Pharmacies in Poland Start COVID-19 Vaccination

Dr.Max was most probably the first pharmacy in the Poland to start providing vaccination against COVID-19. This was a historical moment when the pharmacy changed from a place where advice is given and medicines sold, to the place where health services are provided.

“Our facility was previously prepared for vaccination, and pharmacists were properly trained, logistical and organizational issues were carried out very quickly, and we were able to vaccinate first patients immediately. “ said Anita Jeglińska, Pharmacy Manager of the Dr. Max from ul. Nidzicka in Działdowo.

“We believe that vaccinations in pharmacies are very much needed today. Pharmacies are located closer to people, in a pandemic they were sometimes the only health care facilities where a patient could come in person. The relationship between the patient and the pharmacist has a very personal, human dimension”, says Tomasz Kaczmarek, COO Dr.Max Poland.


Dr. Max BDC, s.r.o.

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The Dr. Max Group is owned by the Central European investment group Penta, established in 1994. Penta’s business areas include health care, financial services, manufacturing, retail businesses and real estate development. Penta manages a single fund for its partners, the shareholders in the company. The companies in Penta’s portfolio employee more than 43,000 people, and the Group’s asset value reached € 11.1 billion in 2020. Penta operates in more than 10 European countries and has offices in Prague, Bratislava, Warsaw and Munich.

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